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Construction legal adviceLongworth Consulting Worldwide Limited

The Company was established in the United Kingdom in 1998 following the acquisition of other international consultancy practices and the establishment of global headquarters from Edinburgh in Scotland, with the objective of providing a multi-discipline contracts and legal consultancy service to the building, construction and engineering industry in terms of both domestic and international business, resolving the many disputes and other issues which frequently arise in such building and civil engineering contracts, and those in the industrial, process and power sector projects.

The Company employs Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Chartered Civil Engineers, Chartered Builders, Building Surveyors, Qualified Health & Safety Specialists, Qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Specialists, Registered Adjudicators, Arbitrators and Lawyers whose legal qualifications combine with their highly qualified technical and professional disciplines.

The Company is at the forefront of construction consultancy representing contractors and subcontractors throughout the United Kingdom, in addition to international contractors from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and U.S.A. Commissions have also been undertaken for Government and Local Authority Bodies, to progress dispute resolution, and provide Expert Reports to facilitate amicable settlements in the industry without recourse to Arbitration or Litigation.

We pursue a policy of both internal and external training and which is reflected in our public and private seminar programmes and High Intensity Training courses for our Clients.

Our expertise and understanding of our Clients= needs and the problems they encounter have placed the Company at the forefront of both dispute avoidance and dispute resolution, whether through negotiation skills, mediation, adjudication, expert witness reports, or through the formality of litigation or arbitration proceedings when absolutely necessary.

We provide a wide range of non-adversarial strategic and commercial management advice to achieve successful contract administration, procedures and completion, and our business solutions are structured specifically to meet the needs of our Clients.

Our approach is to increase the knowledge base, build on existing schemes, and to continue to develop the culture of our Clients= organisations by such knowledge transfer, as this leads to shared objectives and high levels of communication to create an improved environment of trust and teamwork.

We continue to develop our own Company with dedicated offices providing professional services to meet the growing demands of the industry and client development requirements which have been established. We are committed to Client service; our whole philosophy is based on the concept of meeting Clients= needs and achieving Client satisfaction.

Longworth Consulting Worldwide Limited

The Company specialises in the following areas of professional consultancy services: -

Contractual, Commercial and Procurement Advice
Dispute Avoidance and Effective Contract Administration
Dispute Resolution and Document Management
Claims Preparation, Appraisals and Defences
Dispute Management, including ADR:- Adjudication, Mediation, Conciliation, Brokering Settlements and Negotiation Techniques
Arbitration Services and Litigation Support
Expert Witness, Opinions, Reports and Evidence
Health & Safety Advice and Planning Supervisor Services
Seminars and High Intensity In-House Training Courses

The Company has a high profile and reputation both domestically and internationally with highly motivated professional staff of all construction disciplines.

We achieve proper control and management of all commissions as to quality, time and cost, and ensuring sound contractual and legal research is undertaken to provide our commitment to delivering the highest quality service in response to our Clients= requirements.

Our quality of service is further enhanced through extensive post-graduate legal and management studies in addition to providing such professional services, particularly through training at Masters Degree level in conjunction with Universities in the United Kingdom.

Principal Offices at :-

Edinburgh - Celect House, 12 Fairbairn Road, Livingston,
Edinburgh EH54 6TS, United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 1506 414167 Fax: + 44 1506 414147
E-Mail: NickLongworth@compuserve.com

Limassol - Alania Complex, Suite 24, Block 2, Amathus Avenue,
Mail P.O. Box 58376, Limassol 3733, Cyprus
Tel: + 357 25 316145 Fax: + 357 25 312322

Operational Centres also at Glasgow and Kirkcaldy, Scotland, United Kingdom, and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and in Grand Cayman, U.S.A.